How is COVID affecting work life balance: An astrological point of view

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Today I am going to explain my analysis and point of view on how COVID is affecting work-life balance.

In a general situation, we have a home where we come after our daily work routine. Home is the place where we usually get the most comfort, peace, and happiness. However hectic our day is, however, stressed we are, the one thing which we look forward to is going back home and relaxing.

During these unprecedented and un-experienced pandemic times, our homes have become our workplace; work has become life, and life has become work. The traditional boundary between work and home has diminished, and it is taking a physical and mental toll on many people. Various reports and articles are suggesting that the overall stress level and anxiety of people have increased, productivity has decreased. Many organizations are doing many things (such as virtual wellness sessions) to help their employee cope up with these tough times. But the fundamental has shaken to the core, and it’s not easy to become the norm. Let me present my point of view on this using astrology, and I hope this makes sense.

In astrology, our home is described as 4th house whereas workplace/ office/ profession or Karma by 10th house. The 4th house (our home) symbolizes one’s most personal world, the background from which one comes from, the place to one withdraws after hardship at the workplace. The fourth house symbolizes all in the individual, which is most inwards, and the farthest from the external world of the 10th house. The 10th house symbolizes individual going out to the world and those aspects of mind which deals with the outer world. The 4th house is the house of internal peace and satisfaction, whereas the 10th house is the house of dissatisfaction. In the workplace, most of the people are dissatisfied irrespective of whatever position one is or however money one is making.

In the 4th house, one exists without proving oneself. On the contrary, the 10th house is all about performance, where one needs to prove oneself. In the 10th house, a person is evaluated for one’s performance, and one’s identity is because of work and performance.

In a horoscope, these two houses are exactly opposite to each other. One is supposed to be the center of the earth, and one is the most upward point. On a typical day at noon, when the sun is at its highest point just above our heads, it is placed in the 10th house, whereas the 4th house represents midnight.

The above explanation can reveal that fundamentally home, and the workplace is poles apart. During these pandemic times, these two places are inter-mixed, and hence those inner and outer conflicts are bound to happen. Because fundamentally, human psychology is wired differently. So next time, when you feel anxiety, stress, or find someone with the same in your team, have some empathy. These are not the usual times, nor do we can anticipate people to change fundamentally. Having said that, businesses must continue, and hence we all are adopting these newer normal.

Let’s develop more empathy, patience, understanding, and listening skills and hope for good times to come soon. As wise sages say, this time shall pass too.

I hope you liked the explanation and bring some change in your understanding of self and others. Stay healthy and stay blessed. Keep reading.

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